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Path Of Motion

One of Path Of Motion's newest endeavors, the unreleased song Lighthouses, from our upcoming EP, is an hard rock epic, from the point of view of a young man at sea, leaving everything he knows behind. The song uses vivid imagery and metaphors of violent winds and the high seas, while the man spends his days and nights without guidance, searching for somewhere to dock his boat and restart his life.

After the storm he sails in finally breaks, he uses the stars and his heart to guide him, and regains somewhat of an inner peace, regarding his new life, which begins at the sight of a lighthouse in the distance, beckoning to him, as a strong presence in a pitch black night.

We wrote this song with as a story, as we've all dealt with personal experience on leaving behind parts of our lives, and though you may not know what's coming, and it may be a rough ride, there is always a light at the end of the journey, you just have to be willing to ride out the storm. We all wanted to be able to reach out to people in a tough situation, perhaps embarking on a new journey, or in the midst of big changes, and convey to them that if you stick it out, it really will be ok, you just have to be willing to work and wait for it.

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