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Christina Brehm

Song From 22

When I was 22, I met a 21 year old. The first time we hung out, we had a "marathon date," if you will. We played drinking games and watched movies, drank a box of wine while walking around the city of Boston at 3am, took the subway to the beach when the public transportation opened, stopped off at the airport for coffee and donuts, bought pancake mix for lunch... and collapsed from exhaustion. The entire event lasted about 14 hours. It was everything I was looking for-- irrational, mindless FUN!

I could get used to this...

We went to bars just for last call, hung out at playgrounds after-hours, and walked miles in the dark to get to crappy all-night diners.

Then... just as I was getting used to it... I remembered what it was like to be 21.

I'm not saying one year is a big age difference, by any means, but when you've just turned 21, you can drink legally, and BAM-- the world is your oyster! This kid had no intentions of making this a regular thing, let alone a committed thing. So, I came down from my dating high, wrote "Song from 22" and vowed not to stick around long enough for karma to show me what I had done just 1 year prior.

Ever since then, it's been one of my favorite songs to share with people. It's super lighthearted and relatable. I take people on a journey with me-- all the way up to cloud 9, and then right back down to earth-- snapping their fingers and tapping their toes along the way!

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