Songwriter Stories

Soul Purpose

One particular song, Bump, is an angry hard driving look at the destruction of drugs. The inspiration came when at one particular studio, the sound engineer who had been nominated for a Grammy asked me, "hey, ya wanna do a little bump?" It was obvious after years of "bumping" all that he had was gone, and all that was left was remnants of a man and heroin. Along with that picture was the memory of a close friend bass player with a gold record, and a beautiful, brilliant little boy, was so enslaved by cocaine, he would neglect his son. During a sober, cogent moment he realized what he had done, then realized his addiction. So torn, so filled with remorse and a feeling of no way out, he installs a hose in his exhaust pipe, closes all the windows, starts the car and goes to sleep forever. " Do a little bump and it all goes away"

Vikings Sail Again

The ship is a recreation of what the Vikings would call a ”Great Ship”...

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