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Taylor Baker

Taylor BakerThe song Gold Dust came about when I was going through a lot of life transitions. It's about the delicate line of waiting and pressing through for something to become what you want it to be, or realizing that it's not meant to be and that you should let it go. It has a two way meaning for me of a relationship that was crumbling apart, as well as a reality check of my aspirations. The song is about the fragility and beauty of wanting something to work out, but the looming possibility that it won't happen. Thus the chorus lyric "Were we building just to watch it fall?" The last line of the song is "There used to be Gold Dust coming out of your mouth..."

Here we go again, thinking this ride will never end

waiting on forever takes a long time

i would rather say goodbye

Yellow paint is slowly peeling off the walls

soon this old house will crumble and fall

three stories high with nothing to show

all the potential of an ashes glow

When it's all said and done

did we really say anything at all

were we building just to watch it fall?

Left that chair in the corner of my mind

there sits all of my hopes and dreams combined

and I tell them one day soon they can leave

until then the dust keeps gathering

There used to be gold dust coming out of your mouth...

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