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Kristen Ford

The story behind "Pretty Little Mind"

The Song "Pretty Little Mind" is about all of the things that can happen when you have distance from your loved one. The lyrics begin "There's a strange strange stranger sleeping in my bed//now sleep for me is out of the question".

The journey of the song is from a one night stand to a lonely show ending with a run in with the police, laced with a Chorus of longing and hope.

I wrote this song missing my lover who was abroad for 3 months. In that time there were all of the things that I wasn't proud of, things that felt very insignificant compared to my love and my longing "counting seconds hours minutes days months till you're by my side". We pick and choose the way we appear to others, "Pretty Little Mind" is a reflection on that. It's a song many listeners have latched onto and on the whole a universal concept.

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