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Down Home

Broken Road

I woke up with no shirt, a bloody left foot and a hangover the size of the moon. I had no idea who the girl was laying next to me and was clueless as to how I got home. 24 years old, in between jobs and on the run from every major relationship in my life. It'd be great to say that this was a once and awhile occurrence, but at the time Broken Road was written, it had become a daily ritual. The first verse of the song is born.

Confusion: My life had become an over boiling melting pot of reckless self destruction, constant disappointment in myself and a relentless feeling of spineless mediocracy. I had recently committed to the notion that I would pursue the life of a musician. Nobody told me that the early stages would be defined by endless hardship, intense criticism and financial instability.

We were in between recording our EP a month later and I had put the song aside. I was living out of my F250 to save money for the album, and the band was drinking heavily to soften the hard floors which served as beds. Showers were few and far between and health had become a fairy-tale like notion we scoffed at. On a phone call discussing the recordings, a "friend" in the industry assured me that I was on the "road" to success. I had heard it all before and had followed the direction of too many people too many times. Bullshit! I was struggling just to get through the day- how could this be the "road" to success? The rest of the song came into my head as soon as I hung up.

"You want music that people can relate to?" I thought...

Here you go: a brief insight into my massive struggles while trying to make it in music. A sometimes painful, seemingly endless and brutally honest, Broken Road.

Kristen Faulconer

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