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Shannon Lee Nelson

My Sunny Day” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, in part because of the way it makes me feel—relaxed and ready for some lovin’! But it also holds a special place in my heart because it was inspired by something my Nana said before she passed away. She had been suffering from multiple cancers for many years. After a decade of doctors telling her she had only months left to live, her pain became unbearable, and the pain medication had a ton of negative side effects including nausea and sleeping problems.

She finally decided to try a more, shall I say, natural method of relief. One night in her living room, after a natural relief session, she told me that what she loved most about it was how “the world moves slower.” I immediately knew I would turn it into a song. We talked about a lot of things that night—one of our last together—and when she fell asleep, I holed up in my room and penned “My Sunny Day”. Nana’s gone, but her memory lives on in me and in the song she inspired.

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