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The River Has Many Voices

The River Has Many VoicesI'm Gonna Love You Anyway

Wrote this song on my grandparent's piano, which was passed down to me. My grandfather gave it to my grandmother for their wedding anniversary decades ago. It was the night after the events in the song took place. I was on fire. The song came out so simply. I never changed a line from that first time I wrote it down. I started singing and the first lines came out: "I started out younger." That's when I knew what I was supposed to do, when I knew what the song needed from me. It needed everything. I decided that I was going to make this song reflect one thing: honesty. And in so doing, make it an offering to the one I loved, the night bearing witness. I would chose love. It's the last song on the album "I We Us Are Was Were Is", but it represents the beginning of something.

Flash ahead seven months from the time this song was written. We are married. There's a sense that it was always going to be like this. We were always together, even when we were apart. Some songs are written long before you ever sang the melody for the first time or put the words to paper.

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