Hudson Henry

Hudson HenryBreak My Fall

The song "Break My Fall" is about realizing the journey that one has to make in life to reach the apex of a dream. One must risk everything to achieve greatness. "Break My Fall" directly refers to cushioning an impact from fate itself. After recently almost dying in St John's hospital from a heart virus, I started to realize how fragile life is, and how important it is to use our time wisely. Growing up in LA has opened my eyes to a different side of people. In the song, I use the desert as a metaphor for LA' shallow abyss. Essentially the song is about starting over and "Setting out into the unknown." The lyric "I walk on this tightrope" refers to the balancing act of trying to make it in LA and staying sane.

Hudson started out as a drummer for bands in the Los Angeles area before transitioning into a vocalist for metal bands in the East Coast area. After being immersed in the hard rock/metal scene he decided to become a singer/songwriter. Hudson has released an EP consisting of six original songs, which exhibit a variety of styles. The aggressive influence of metal always carries over into the lighter pop element in the music. Hudson Has just finished a 10 song Album which will be released in the next month titles "New Eyes." He sings and plays ALL of the instruments on his album.


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