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Brandon Chase

Brandon ChaseMost Beautiful Thing

I grew up with an older sister and I also had many girls that I considered close friends. After years of observation, I noticed a trend. And a sad one at that. I've found that the majority of girls feel like they have to doctor their appearance in order to feel beautiful and they feel like they have to work for their worth.

Personally, I think beauty has nothing to do with the outward appear, but everything to do with the person underneath the skin. But as a society lead by pop culture, we have masked the truth behind true beauty. Now we find "beauty" in the face of a magazine cover, movie screen, computer, etc. So the message I wanted to relay behind my song "Most Beautiful Thing" is that there can't possibly be a more perfect and beautiful you. You don't have to work for your value and worth, because you are priceless just the way you are.

Brandon Chase

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