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Brad Alan DennisonI'll tell you the origins of the song Movement Finds the Man. The original spark came while riding the El train through Chicago. I rode past Harold Washington Library (or college, or both, not sure) and I simply wondered who this man was so I googled him on my phone. I read a bit about him but one quote really moved me and it was Washington speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and he said something along the lines of great movements find men (women too) to attach themselves to. Great people do not go out in search of these things. They are simply living their lives and trying to do what they believe and maybe make a difference when these 'movements find the man.'

Fast forward a few years. I was walking to a guitar lesson on the Lower East Side when I came across a chalk drawing of a flower on the sidewalk. I guess I was feeling particularly lucid that afternoon and the line 'flowers in the pavement, everyday is perfect, i guess.' came to my mind. I was particularly excited about this one because the melody was there and it felt like it was gonna come together without much effort, which is a rare treat! As I got into it, it became a song about trying to live my life with a faith that I am exactly where I,m supposed to be. That there is comfort in knowing that the universe functions just as it should and that I play my part perfectly and that if I behave as I ought to and continue to work on myself and be a better man, the movement I seek will somehow find me. Whatever all that means.

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