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Silk Flamingo & the Beat!


Ask any musician/songwriter and they will tell you that songs have a life of their own. Like any good book, poem, or painting being created, it is its own entity. It tells you what it wants to be, where it wants to go, and when its journey has ended. That is what Skateboarder is to Silk Flamingo & the Beat!

Front-man/ rhythm guitarist Alexis Preciado met Mike (drums) and Mark Ocegueda(bass) in the spring of 2009. Alexis, call sign Silk Flamingo if he were to ever have one he says, was quite content with playing café or coffeehouse type shows acoustic solo. However, after meeting Mike and Mark Ocegueda and having a few jam sessions in the garage, a complete song was born, Skateboarder. The trio fell and fell hard for a song they knew would be an instant fan favorite. It was then decided to see where the song would lead the trio.

Having added “the Beat” to a call sign because of a newly formed rhythm section, it is hard to say what came first. Could it have been the formation of Silk Flamingo & the Beat that came up with such a catchy new punk delinquent anthem? Or could it have been Skateboarder, a song whose unconditional love went above and beyond any normal song to actually create something from itself to form a band called Silk Flamingo & the Beat!

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