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This up and coming band mixes driving rhythms with loud guitars and fetching melodies to create a sound all their own. You really can't nail them down to a genre, as evident on the debut album titled ART GARBAGE. The nine tracks take you from anxious guitar rock to soft acoustic charm and everywhere in between. Sometimes within a single song, but all the while keeping you hooked. While WitchFeet have only been around a short time, the members are no strangers to the Chicago music scene. These guys have been honing their skills in past and present bands like All Eyes West, Green Skies are Blue, Hinter, Signsedso, The Hysterics, Jared Grabb, and Hayweek to name a few. They didn't come together with schtick 'n' style and try to recreate whatever's "in" at the moment. They keep faith in good tunes and let them speak for themselves. WitchFeet are aiming to help bring that guitar based indie rock that you loved in the 90's back to the fold.


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