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Step Rockets

The group is comprised of four songwriters with different backgrounds and different ways of telling their stories. Below is the story behind one called, “Odd Jobs”:

Odd Jobs was written during the height of the occupy movement. In Minneapolis people were gathering by the hundreds at the city capital, financial institutions and foreclosed homes in protest of a wide range of issues. Some were camped out in tents in the city to protest. Late in the evening police came with knifes to slash tents, trash bags to throw belongs into and handcuff to arrest people in their sleep. At the core of all the intricate issues and protests is the search for common respect for all people. Odd Jobs is the story about a character is grappling with the costs of living in a society like this. Questioning the costs of protesting, the benefits and looking for some personal truth.


I make a little money on the side/through odd jobs and late nights
works not steady but it pays in cash/if you ain’t making it your spending it so I spend it while it lasts


I'm a sucker trying to make ends meet/struggling to stay on my feet
What is the price of a voice/to scream in the streets
Making the choice to rise from your knees

I heard once and maybe one too many times/that the boys downtown are turning dollars out of lies
So the people flood the streets with their painted sings and protests rhymes then beaten by the police lines


I was looking for a different conversation with significance
down at the city square, thats not public anymore
Just searching for truth leads me that government lies but honey money does too



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