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Dizzy Bats

Dizzy Bats's song "Sundial", simply put, is a tribute to the college years. The "Sundial" refers to a place on campus at Connecticut College, frontman Connor Frost's alma mater, where he and his friends would often gather to reflect and unwind, usually in the early AM hours. The song brings the listener through specific events, including Freshman Orientation, Graduation, and the infamous Johnson fire of 2008. The tune also refers to everyday happenings, such as the perpetual struggle of waking up for class as well as other completely legal and harmless activities that took place behind the closed doors of Larrabee 309. Like at the time the song was written, Frost transitions into the "real world" fiercely and abruptly. "Welcome home, son, you've received a package, it's not money or that western tree" references that daunting stack of paperwork that marked the end to the collegiate years and the beginning of the dreaded post-graduation life. Despite this reality, these friends and years are never forgotten, as Frost sings: "Won't forget these campfire moments, and all that you taught me."

This nostalgic piece serves as a dedication to friends and commemorates an incredible time. No matter what happens in the next ten, twenty years, we can always go back to the Sundial.


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