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Lonely Playground

Lonely PlaygroundYou look up at me, your face covered in fear and dirt
Since my heart's been broken, things just haven't been the same
Is the ground not appealing? I chose it just for you
The box makes its closure...and I'm smiling again

You never liked to hide
You never liked to hide
You never liked to hide
But I must insist you do

The idea of the song Riviera was to have a contrasting mood between the music and lyrics. The jazzy, semi-upbeat atmosphere was meant to make the subject ironic and humorous. And, just to clarify, yes, the subject is about a killer obsessing over a crush, kidnapping her, and burying her alive. Initially, I was afraid to actually sing the lyrics in English and was going to translate the verse to French, but we could never find a translator. We still wanted a French vibe to the song though, so we named the song after the French Riviera, a location my guitarist visited as a kid. The whole thing was deeply inspired by songs like Butcher Pete by Roy Brown and Knives Out by Radiohead. Yeah, I supposed it is a bit morbid, but it's far more interesting than your typical love song.

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Etienne Alonzo of Lonely Playground

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