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StillLineThe Callout was a song seven years in the making.  Frontman Brian Clover came up with the concept in 2005.  At the time the song was a slow ambient ballad drawing a lot of influence from Pink Floyd, one of Clover's biggest musical inspirations.  As StillLine grew and become a much more upbeat rock band the song's sound started to feel out of place, and The Callout was eventually shelved.  It would remain on the shelf througout the recording of the band's 2005 Ep 'After The Fall' and all the way through the creation of 'Forty Two', StillLine's 2011 full length album.  It would be during the writing process of 'We Are All Asleep', StillLine's forthcoming full length album that the concept would surface again.

Guitarist Mike Fey had always been particularly fond of a melody Clover had written that, in the original version of the song, had served as it's bridge.  This time Fey suggested it be the verse and had composed a different chord progession changing the key of the song.  At this point in time the 'We Are Asleep' album already had ten tracks composed and recorded, infact they were already deep into the mixing process.  The band had decided to write one more song and initially "The Callout" was going to be brought back as a final track.  It was composed as the slow melodic song it was originally intended to be, however this time around, Clover recognized something different.  On a wim Clover would join drummer Taylor Patterson with nothing but his acoustic in and effort to put together his new concept of song.  Once introduced to the rest of the band, it was immediately and unanomously decided that not only did it have to go on the album, but that it would be the debut single.  Thus, "The Callout" 2012 was born, and is ushering in the release of the 'We Are Asleep' album for 2013.

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