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Light Horse Harry

Our story as a band is interesting and unprecedented. Three members started out as a classic rock cover band doing 60's-70's hits for parties around the Dallas area in their freshman year of high school and the fourth member was in the grade above and was in a bluegrass band. When he was a senior and the other three were in the 11th grade, the four members decided to jam together and write some original songs. Our first song we all wrote together was So Cold. The song featured much input from each band member and took many creative turns in the writing process. After about a whole month of writing the song, we attempted to record it on a Mac computer in a friend's small and dark garage. We finished recording, but it just didn't come out exactly how we had hoped, but we just couldn't put our finger on the problem. Two months later, the computer with the recording file crashed and we lost the song, but it was a blessing in disguise. We rewrote many parts and added in the special elements of fiddles, horns, and a wah guitar solo. It came out perfect and we just had to put it as the opening track for our self-titled debut album released in August 2012. Although one member is now in college and the other three are still seniors in high school, Light Horse Harry is still in full effect, playing shows in Dallas and Austin and is beginning to make a major impact with their debut CD.

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