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Super Water Sympathy

Super Water SymphonyThe story behind this song begins in the depths of a canyon. Far below the capabilities of a river is where we sat. The night was filled with desert air - thinner than paper and sharper than a knife. We had been touring for two months. We had just finished our Midwest and East Coast tour and we're parked at the Grand Canyon. Ansley began strumming the guitar as the band began dancing around the campfire like forgotten salamanders in island's cave. The melody began to channel the past - filled with nostalgia and excitement - like a turquoise ice ocean filled with pink fish - the song "uh oh" began to come to life. We spoke of Destruction and happiness and the inevitable demise of the universe. Afterall - it has to happen one day. Nothing lasts forever. However, Ansley began to question this in the song as she began to lay cryptic hidden messages within the lyrics of the song of the true meaning of life. Using an ancient coding device known to the Ubaids there is a hidden message of hope and unity amongst the living and the dead - - - thus, Uh Oh!

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