The Pinz

The song Most of All is the result of a text between Walter Jerk and a former girlfriend, whose parents were less than supportive of the relationship.

It was written at a time when The Jerk was going through the typical teenage angst and anarchy stage. One night he texted, "I hate everything" to his girlfriend, but followed up with, "But most of all I love you." He then packed his song book in his backpack and struck out on a lonely walk to try to finish the writing for an upcoming recording session. The Pinz had just won Battle of the Bands at their high school with the grand prize of studio time.

Prior to the event, drummer Leon Black and The Jerk made a pact that if they won the Battle, Leon would not leave for California with his family, as planned, but would stay and see how long the momentum would continue that the band had been experiencing. However, even after winning, Walter Jerk did not trust Leon to stay and thus scheduled recording session AND a CD release party before the songs were even completed. Most of All was originally recorded at Greenteam Media and released on the band's first EP, Short on Time. It has since been re-recorded and released on Anti-Complacency League EP, produced by David Kalish and Grammy Award winner Chris Testa. Leon Black did eventually leave the band. He resigned just after The Pinz returned from a Florida tour with the Dead Kennedys. 


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