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Always The Alibi

Always the AlibiWe Are Waiting is the title track to the debut EP by the Dallas-based band Always The Alibi. We usually close out our shows with this song to leave on an energetic high plus it has a great call-and-response thing going in the chorus. We love to get the crowd involved in this part and they always have a good time singing with u

This song was one of the most fun to record in the studio. It has a good energy and we love all of the texture added to the verses. Our producer, Bryan David, has such a knack for building little counter-melodies to the primary tracks. It gets interesting because you never know if what he's suggesting is going to work until you hear the final mix.

People have always asked what the song is about or the inspiration behind it, even a few of the band members. Like a lot of songwriters, I prefer to leave that up to the listener. It's not a political statement, just a call for every person to find their own voice to what matters to them.

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