Which came first… the flying robot or the egg?

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Novo Columbo

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Tribe - paintings by Nano Rubio

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Songwriter Stories

Midnight Norma Lane

Midnight Norma Lane"78sixsixsix", the third track from our EP Moxy Kid is a song about breaking out of a small town and the small people in that town. The title of the song comes from the zip code 78666 which is the San Marcos, Texas zip code. Everyone that lived there made jokes of it being an 'evil' because of the '666' zip code.

San Marcos is a college town and the song chronicles my years in college when I felt out of place and strange. I had always felt like I wasn't fulfilling my potential and I used the small town as a metaphor for holding me back from what I really wanted in my life. I liked the idea of an evil town and I drew inspiration from Daniel Johnston's well known celebrated song 'Devil Town.' For me, the song is about trying to break free from old habits and negative people hence the line "won't the world just let me out? Won't the world just melt me down?"

Key West is a World Apart

You know you’re in Key West when the cock crows at 3 a.m..…or at 3 p.m...

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