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Placid Blue

The song Shine Your Lantern Down was written for my (Donnie Brooks's) little brother who passed away unexpected in a tragic accident in March of 2011. I was full of mixed emotion and still grieving when I decided to write a tribute to my little brother's memory. In the attempts to write a proper song I wrote over 10 different songs. Not happy with the sad emotion that each song I had written expressed I had all but given up on writing a tribute when I suddenly stumbled upon a riff I had been working on for sometime. It was a different approach than I had thought about to that point. It was a more joyful type of angle, this made perfect sense immediately. It was very clear that I needed to write a song that was more of a celebration of his life. The end result lives as a tribute to his light hearted way of life and hopefully brings some smiles to anyone who has lost someone they love way too soon.


Jason Myles Goss

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