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Giants and Toys

Giants And ToysWhat Ends Well is inspired by a tumultuous point in my life.  My parents divorced and we had to foreclose on the house.  I started living on my own because my parents were in a custody battle over the younger kids and neither had the means to support my older brother and me anymore.  Inevitably, everyone has to jump into what is considered “adult life,” but the suddenness of the situation left me in a strange state.  As a result of the bitter divorce, my younger brother started acting out, so my parents decided to ship him out to live with my aunt in Colorado for a while—it ended up being nine months.  I only found out the day before he left that he was actually leaving; since I was working to pay rent I couldn’t afford to take off work suddenly to see him leave.  The whole situation left me feeling shaken and detached from my family and friends.  For a time I just went in and out of tune with myself.  I felt lost, unbalanced, and angry at the world.  The lyrics in the song represent these feelings of alienation and paranoia.  The title gives a bit of dark humor to the story; Shakespeare said “All’s well that ends well.” I ask, “What ends well?”

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