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St. Louis based Aaah!RealMonsters recently released their first full length album, Relocate, in August of 2012 and will begin the recording of their second album in the months to come. Composed of band mates; Tom Watkins, Matt Moore, Nick Dawes, Keith Bowman, and Ryan Martin, the group is aggressively pursuing recognition in the ever expanding pop-punk scene. Lead singer Tom Watkins and composer of the single, You'll Get What's Coming explains how the anthemic single came about. The song came to the band as a, "show and tell," display in one of the band's rehearsal's, and the band was immediately impressed and inspired to bring their potential hit to the attention of their producer, Aaron Baker. Since it was released, it has taken some national attention and has notably been selected to be featured on The Morning Drive Mix for 103.9 FM, The Rock of Long Island. DJ Henry K invited A!RM to sit in the studio and run through a brief interview.

The track is a real life account of an abusive relationship involving Watkins' mother. A melancholic lyrical composition serves as a threat to the abusive significant other; letting him know that one day he'll get whats coming to him. The first line, "a diplomatic man wears a suit and a tie," and the first line of the second verse, "a diplomatic man keeps his hands to himself," is addressed to Tom's mother, telling her that when the right person comes along, he'll be, "wearing a suit and a tie," while crossing his T's and dotting his I's. The metaphor serves to describe that she deserves someone who treats herself and her family with the up most love and respect. "she wont be coming home tonight," expresses the distress that this relationship put upon Tom and the rest of his family.

Tom sculpted an intense sway of emotion throughout this tune. A few of the intense bursts of emotion occur around the phrase, "go and relocate yourself," which was Tom speaking out and telling this abuser to find a new place to cast his shadow. Listeners are encouraged to sing along and poor out their own emotions in whatever way they relate to Tom's lyricism. This call to arms is especially evident in the tracks anthem, "you'll get what's coming to ya." By this point Tom has said all he can say and has clearly indicated what's in store for the diabolical 'other.'

A harmony of group vocals is put in place to demonstrate the shared disapproval of his mother's relationship with this unimpressive man. The cornucopia of vocals is brought together at a high point of emotion building toward the finale and leaving listeners' ears ringing with thoughts of karma in "you'll get what's coming to ya."

Tom's raw honesty is tangible as the song holds true to his real world experience; this rough patch in his life served as the inspiration for the popular single by Aaah!RealMonsters.


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