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Cousin J

The track Love Me was inspired by three key occurrences in my career. While being in the club scene regularly performing, I would notice as the night went on, people would start dancing as if they were making love/humping/ having sex; whatever you want to call it. Secondly I have wanted to take my music to a different level, I told my music engineer that I wanted to do a new track inspired by techno and dance beats. Thirdly my popular phrase “If you want it, you can get it from me” I’m an all around guy that can make any task possible; jokingly I came up with this phrase to my friends. It has become catchy and stayed around. Without these three occurrences at the time, this song would have never came forward.

Love Me was then born. I went to the studio, my new beat was finished, went in the booth and the hook came to life. “You said you just wanna dance, but I know you wanna love me” The whole concept is comical now, my crew laughed for days. People dance but they look as if they are making love; this is a popular thing in the clubs.

Now the song is a hit! Definitely a big hit in the club. The beat and my lyrics hype up what people are already doing, plus making them laugh. This is my main goal when I make music; making something that everyone can listen, laugh, and relate to.

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