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Exile Sessions

A verse by verse story behind the song "Wait this out" by EXILE SESSIONS


 "Haven't been the best of friends to you"

 - I was BAD

 "I've seen better days with you"

 - there were great times.There were fulfilling moments. There was a fork in the relationship road. The relationship took the turn that said "sayonara" to good times.

 "Only too aware that distance creates distance"

 - Nobody is a fool in love. We only play the fool. We are aware of the emotional distance we create. And we are aware that it gets bigger with neglect.

 "Took it just enough to fall apart, i wish we took it too far"

 - If you take a cake out of the oven too soon it falls apart. Unless that cake says "Carvel" on it. I love Carvel cake.That i love ice cream cake is not important.


 " You should wait this out"

 - If you wait- it'll be better than not waiting. Dig?


 "Now my imagination is spinning to make up a memory that seems fitting"

 - DE - NI- AL

 "But lying is empty. You're bitter,loyal and you love me"

 - RE-AL-ITY with a side of growth.


Noboo Kawaguchi

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