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Useless Wires

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Connie Lim

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Songwriter Stories

Blue Kid

While most break-up songs tend to dwell on the idea of leaving or being left behind, lead singer/songwriter Lydia Benecke of Blue Kid opted to re-empower herself by imagining the slow murder of an ex-lover in the band's aptly titled The Dismemberment Song.

While the lyrics lay out a step-by-step process for disassembling the offending ex's body, the true message of the song is not one of violence, but rather one of taking back control, as best evidenced in the bridge:

"''cause I'm all out of hurt, you've used up all I've got / so I'm chopping you up and still coming up squat / If I wanted to bleed, I'd just roll up my sleeve and saw, saw, saw."

Key West is a World Apart

You know you’re in Key West when the cock crows at 3 a.m..…or at 3 p.m...

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