Staying in Lake Tahoe

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Winter Lantern Festival in New York

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Miami Beach is not Miami

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Songwriter Stories

Where Are You Houston

Where are you HoustonHumans is that special kind of post-punk that blends heart-tugging melodies and distorted guitars to embody a certain component of youth we can all remember and identify with. This song is colorful and bright, even when the theme is dark and gripping and even spacey. This song is about how small each and every Human can feel at times "a grain of sand on the beach''. but it also is about how we all no matter how small can make the most out of this life and how we have some kind of purpose being alive here and now ''don't you feel like there something more out there I refuse to believe in nothing we have to exist for a reason'' another line from the song "This is not all that we are". This song is an anthem of life that you can relate to no matter what emotion you are feeling.

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