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Aaron Orbit

Aaron Orbit"Prove Me Wrong"

I don't know why I use the word "buddy" so much. This is the second time. The first was in Le Meu Le Purr's song "Celebrate". I guess I just like the ring of it. I remember writing the first few chords and the melody. Then, "The Hope For Man Is Gone" came out. I don't know from where. Maybe it's was everything on the news, my way of poking fun at myself, or just listening to "The Wall" too much. I've always been a sucker for hope; things can and will get better if you want them to. I thought I should write the song taking the point of view of a king, a tyrant, a president, big business, or even god. "Maybe one day someone will hear it and get pissed off enough to do something about their situation" I thought. Of corse this is 50% bull shit. I'm really just yelling at myself.

The Chevaliers

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