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Dog of Panic

Dog of PanicWhen I wrote "Big Fat Hissy Fit," the BP oil spill was happening. So the lines, "I like my coffee, like I like my Gulf Of Mexico: real expensive and all black," just came out. As a former resident of Florida, it was very sad news to hear. As I kept refining the lyrics, it started to evolve into this kind of social commentary about others and myself. The lyrics dive into the way our minds work when dealing with insecurities and mistakes we make over and over again due to human nature.

The main point the song tries to make is that we are all the heroes of a story that's going on in our heads. No one ever believes they are the bad guy, and with the exception of a few people in this world, no one is completely evil. Just ask any religious extremist group. A lot of people are against them, but they still believe in their hearts that they are doing the right thing! There is no right or wrong...just perceptions of right and wrong.

Kellin Watson

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Miami Beach, USA

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