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The four of them decided to drive an hour North and East of Lexington to Morehead, KY, and swim off of some rocks known as Billy Branch, on Cave Run Lake. They knew the girls being from Chicago had never really seen anything quite like Kentucky wilderness, and thought it would be a treat.

It had been years since Chad and Travis had traveled to this location, where nights of drunken howls, torrid sex, and many other unspeakable things were very much commonplace. Just like they used to do they purchased an exorbitant amount of booze and of course, girls.

When the four of them arrived, they grabbed several beers and some whiskey from the stash, and began the walk down the hill via the glass ridden dirt trail. As they made it to the large flat rocks where many before and after them have gathered, they noticed the main area was already taken up by several sunbathers and swimmers. There was what seemed to also be a fraternity style hazing taking place, as 18 young men stood like a marching band, fully clothed in jeans and long sleeve shirts, on the verge of heat exhaustion in the 90 something degree heat.

No less than 5 minutes into the excursion, both guys casually opened a beer and sat back to take it all in. Before either of them could take their first drink of the cooling elixir a stranger muttered "Boat Cops." The guys looked at each other bewildered and had no idea what was going on. Years before it was unthinkable to NOT drink beer and whiskey at these rocks. Sure enough coming straight at them was a ranger, and straight at them did he ever come! He drove his boat straight into the middle of the crowd and planted it against the rocks and proceeded to make Chad and Travis enter the boat with their booze.

Liz and Barbie were just awestruck. They were scared beyond belief, being 7 hours from familiar faces, places and anything that seemed normal. That's when Chad remembered Barbie's next move.

"I looked at her while all this was going on, almost in slow motion, and she subtly all in one motion winked at me, started to cry, and made sure that one of her perfect and extremely proportioned boobs got the full attention of every man (and woman) that was witnessing this situation. Even the ranger skipped a beat. I thought to myself, damn this girl is Rambunctious."

The two guys were then driven to the other side of the lake and made to pour out said contraband and were released immediately after striking an undisclosed deal with the ranger. By the time they got back everyone in sight had abandoned the rock and all the booze they had purchased was confiscated.

The four returned to Chad's home, promptly purchased more alcohol, and began to drink the night away. They all passed out in random places Chad remembers, and then the strangest thing happened: "I awoke in my bed and Barbie was on top of me, in all her glory giving me one of best fellatio's of my life. She then arose from her deviant mission, smiled and said, 'Breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes' and went on her way to the kitchen. Now that's Rambunctious!"

A few weeks passed and one day in happenstance while playing the guitar the song and the lyric just came out together and worked like a charm.

Earlier this year Switchmen went into the studio in Lexington, KY with Duane Lundy (Jim James, Ben Sollee) and had one day to track just to see what happened. "I had been chasing Duane around for a year to get him to work with me, and this was to be the day. I had no idea that in our first 5 or so hours we would have a radio single."


The track was then mastered by the legendary Rafe Van Hoy (Fleetwood Mac, George Jones, David Allen Coe, Writer of #16 Number One Hits) in Nashville, TN.

During the middle of all of this Chad's friend Bryan, from Princeton University, had just graduated and was making his way with a buddy out to Hollywood for the Summer when the two stopped for a night in Nashville. It just so happened that the guy that was traveling with his friend, Matt Marder, was a filmmaker and was on his way to work in a major Hollywood studio for the summer.

"I hit it off instantly with Matt and had told him I had this great idea for a video using all, public domain, vintage commercial footage. You know tongue in cheek 50's skanky style things. I sent him the footage I had found and told him what I really envisioned. Two weeks later we had an immaculate, top notch video, that didn't even cost $100 to make."

Rambunctious is currently being pitched to several radio stations in a 7 state radius based around Nashville and Lexington, respectively. It is available on iTunes for download, and the video is available on YouTube and several other outlets. Switchmen are currently finishing up and EP/LP with Duane Lundy that will feature 2-3 tracks produced by Rafe Van Hoy as well. It is setup to be quite a record and the group hopes that it will in fact take them to the next level in their careers. Make sure you keep this group on your radar and when they tour through your town, save up your dollars and come out for a night of their self branded "Shotgun Fed Rock 'n' Roll.


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