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Patrick Dwyer

Patrick DwyerThe story behind my song "The Journey" was inspired by...well, the multitude of changes that were so rapidly taking place in such a short amount of time. I was graduating from college, most all of my friends were moving away, and on top of being stuck in the post-grad pocket of "what the hell do I do now?", the decision was also clear that I needed to leave the beautiful town of Bozeman, Montana which I had come to know as home, and make the move to Los Angeles. That was really scary for me. In Bozeman it is easy to get really comfortable and I just wasn't growing in the ways I wanted. I started reminiscing; thinking of great times, terrible times, times I've wasted. I started to reflect on everything. I would hum this tune in my head while I was scraping ice and snow off of my windshield which I have always hated doing, but part of me wondered if I'd miss it. Months went by and little by little the song wrote more and more of itself. Later, before I moved out, I sat there on the couch scanning over the house I had lived in for years with two of my closest friends and just wondered "where the heck did time go?"

I still feel like yesterday I was that little kid wondering what I'd be, what I'd look like, where I'd go when I grew up. I'm not entirely convinced anyone ever grows out of that. Everyone has a story; everyone's journey is different, but somehow we all seem to think that ours is the most important. It's just always been funny to me how that works. The culmination of how I felt about everything in those moments is ultimately how this song came to be. So there on that couch, almost half asleep, I deliriously scribbled down what eventually became an entire song. Especially being very new to songwriting at that point, this song remains very special to me. For me it is a record of where I was, where I am, and I will remember to take it with me wherever I am going. I hope that anyone who hears this song feels the same way. Ultimately, everyone is a journey and that journey only ends if we allow it to. And in listening to to one of the themes of the song, I should probably take more of my own advice and not be afraid. Get out there and do stuff with your life. It really is way too short.

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