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WoosterAs a songwriter and lyricist I've come to terms with the fact that I can't simply sit down and 'work' on a song. I've found that the good ones usually arrange themselves somewhere out in the ether and are beamed down to me. When that happens I grab a pen no matter where I am and wish for the best.

Ooh Girl was kind of like that. I was renting a tiny apartment by the beach during the last days of Fall in Santa Cruz. I'd broken up with my longtime girlfriend a month before and was getting mentally prepared to face the holidays and my crazy family solo for the first time in a few years. In the middle of my self pity I remembered what a friend had told me about manifestation. I put aside my skepticism and spent a few minutes imagining my dream girl. What she wore, what she looked like, where we would meet, how everything would happen so simply and beautifully. I immediately had a storyline in my head. When I sat down the song just came to be.

I never knew it would end up being so popular or that people would identify with it so much. I've seen little kids doing covers of it on YouTube. I've been stopped by a marine fresh off the boat from Afghanistan that told me he'd play the song every morning before deployment and think about his home and his wife. But the most common question is always 'so...who is the girl with the dark hair?' I always enjoy telling people it's a song about no one. It's a song about meeting that dream girl, not the happily ever after part, just the one moment or night when it happens. That first eye contact that make your heart flutter. It's a feeling we all crave and I'm so stoked the song captured a small part of it.

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