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Alycea and the X Isles

Let the Rain Fall was penned in the backyard of my apartment in the Spanish Harlem section of New York City. One of my best friends was going through a difficult breakup at the time and I wrote the song for her. The verse talks about those final moments of a relationship when you know it’s about to sink but you just can't let go.

While the song began as a "break up song" it quickly turned into a song about letting go and starting fresh. Rain is often associated with sorrow but I find it can be cleansing, beautiful and pure. In the hook "let the rain fall down on me, let the water wash my pain away, goodbye sorrow and hello to a brand new day" that's the idea I was hoping to convey.

Musically the songs structure is fairly simple. The challenge for us was to bring in other elements to give the song a unique sound and feel. The addition of the pizzicato style plucking of the cello strings adds subtle color to the background that for me simulates the falling rain of a passing storm. The Tabla dictates the rhythm at the beginning of the song and represents a beating heart. Towards the end of the song the full drum set kicks in, adds intensity and drives the song from what initially began as folk based, singer songwriter tune into a rock ballad.


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