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Eva Aine: Behind the scene of "I AM FLYING"

Personally, one of my siblings and two of my friends passed away so soon this year. I am still sadden by it and devastated that I cannot say that I love him and her any more. I can't help thinking that on this day last year, he was here and she was there. And, I reaffirm myself that I must live now, this moment, and that's the only thing I can do. I know I'm imperfect and must have made and probably will make mistakes in my life but I want to live this moment and truly want to be a better person, which I think equals to be a better singer, and love and cherish all the people around me and all the people I meet and the moments with them, whom you never know when you can meet again. Although there's an end to a life, there seem to be no end to love, dream and sincerity.

What is beautiful about life and human beings are not the future but the fact that we are currently here, living and caring for each other. And, that's the only thing we really have to do and enjoy. Because we are alive, we can imagine a color that we've never seen before. Because we are alive, we see each other in our eyes. And because they were here, we could feel them next to us all the time. I AM HERE. YOU ARE HERE. AND, THEY WERE HERE. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.


Staying in Lake Tahoe

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