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Doug Ratner & The Watchmen

Could any of us live without our cell phones? IPADS? Laptops? Have you ever stopped to think about how reliant we are on our digital devices for communication, information, connection, etc. A lot of people think that these devices connect us on a broader and more global scale, but I firmly believe that they disconnect us to reality. People seem to be losing the ability to have real, human conversations with each other in public. Kids text so much that their ability to emote and grow socially seems to be blunted. Now I may seem like a pessimist, but I'm not! I'm just stating my observations.

"Bomb in the Backseat" is a satirical rocker that shows how far we have really come to relying on technology and the endless amount of information that is available at our finger tips. The chorus states

"I got a bomb in the backseat waiting to explode, I learned how to make it from an app on my phone."

Though it may seem like an act of terror, the character is actually a symbol for the negative aspects of what can happen to us when attached to the digital world. it's a play on the fact that there are apps for almost anything these days, and why not a "bomb making app"???

Rock n' roll is without a doubt the most powerful vehicle to get a message across about society. Artists like The Stones, The Who, Guns N Roses, have all written songs about their views, and this is mine. Not to mention the song is really catchy!

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