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LadyhipsThe song "Best Friends" is the title track off of our debut record, which we released this past August. I personally really like the placement of the song, since it comes right after the song "glow brighter", which in contrast is much more lamenting and dramatic. "Best Friends" started as a joke between myself (Sean), the guitarrist (Mike) and my roomate at the time Aldean. I heard Mike playing the chord progression that would ultimately become the song, and the words just came out of me. Lyrics are certainly the hardest part of the writing process for me, and as a result many of my lyrics do have an abstract, "come up with your own premise" type of aura. However, "Best Friends" is one song that everyone can grab the same meaning out of, and needless to say it has been a real hit on the record as well as on our live gigs.

When Mike and I finally showed the song to Paulie (Keyboards) and Sam (Drums), the song pretty much completed its self in one rehearsal. All of a sudden, we had this jazz-meets-randy newman type of song that we knew had potential to really grab people. I find that the song has a very abrupt, yet relieving impact when we play it live, especially because we often surround it with material that sounds NOTHING like that song. The contrast of our live set really comes full circle when we play it.

When the record "Best Friends" reached its labor stages, it was obvious that the record should be named after this song, particularly because the record literally could not have been done without some of our best friends. We are so thankful to all of the people who made the record possible (our engineer did ALL of the work for free, artwork was done by our close friends, friends always coming in and out of the studio as we pulled all nighters), that we even asked many of our friends to contribute to the shout chorus at the end of the song, so that they could help contribute to the love we felt towards them, and to the friendships that surround us everyday.

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