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Stephen Babcock

Stephen BabcockThe song "Colonie" was written when I was 19 years old. My family had moved away from my childhood home town, and went to the town of "Colonie". I was so upset about leaving behind my friends and all the things and memories I loved so much that it drove me to write. The song morphed into this song with multiple meanings. First, the song is about the actual leaving behind my childhood and growing up in this town called Colonie.

The Colonie is the song can also be like a colony itself. The song talks about not wanting to be stuck in a colony also. The colony can be a group of people that always bring you down and make you feel terrible and by leaving behind that colony, makes you happier in the process. It also can be placed in terms of a relationship where you don't want to be stuck with someone because they are a negative thing in your life. The song really allows the listener to take their own interpretation, but it all stems from leaving behind a childhoood and not wanting to be surrounded by people or a place that feel wrong to you.


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