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Low Flying Planes

Low Flying PlanesLow Flying Planes' song, "Pea Soup" was one that we just recorded in the studio and it's all about how the band has come together over the years. The song talks about our lead singer, Devin (he wrote most of the song) and how all that he needs "is to live by the h.." He talks about how he listens to the radio, and plays Nintendo but the only way that he'll ever really understand the world is if he can play music. So, the chorus explodes with "What I need, what i need are the answers to come to me; this is what I want and who I want to be. Because it builds me up, starts it over and over again" His soul is 100% into the song at this point, This song is truly about what it means to be a musician. It has everything to do with being willing to go through whatever it takes. And it has nothing to do with giving up.

It sounds cheesy, but this song is really a crowd favorite. Finally, after a heart-wrenching solo by Fitch (our lead guitarist), Jenna (female vocals) jumps into a key change and brings it up to a B Major with an even more powerful chorus. The song ends with a run that is so awesome it feels like it was not performed by anything less than a full blown recording studio (Jenna has that effect on people!) AND IT'S OVER! The song ends, we end the set with it too. We want to remind people how much we appreciate them coming to see us perform and that we want to do it for the rest of our lives. Music, even though it's nice to get fans and tours, would be absolutely nothing without the passion, and that's what "Pea Soup" is all about (PS Just like music, Pea Soup only tastes good if it has a lot of love in it, that's why this song has it's name!)


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