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Abigail Ferguson

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I wrote the song Thin Air one summer while my boyfriend was away on an extended trip.

We were spending a lot of time together and so I missed him quite a bit when he was away on his trip. It was still the beginning of the relationship at this point, so some of the inevitable anxieties began to surface when he was gone and I was stuck in New York feeling all Bananarama "Cruel Summer." (I literally had that song in my head for weeks.) There is a lot of vulnerability at the start of (almost) any new relationship - whether it's a romantic relationship, starting a new job, buying a home, moving, etc.

The song is primarily about the anxiety - and also the excitement - one feels at the start of something new. We ask the age-old questions: Where is this going? Is this going to work out? What's in store for the future? How long will it take to feel truly at ease? Basically, when will the walls come down, if they come down at all? There are so many questions we torture ourselves with and this song tries to speak to that. Thin Air is also about my fear of flying - hence literally being in thin air and the sense of vulnerability that goes along with that. I wanted to utilise this theme in the metaphoric sense but in my case it's quite literal! The good news: my boyfriend and I are still together and doing very well and I'm not quite as anxious on airplanes these days.

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