Blood Brothers

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Jaime Hayon Cosmos

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Richard Goeb

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Songwriter Stories

TJ Perry

He meets back up with her and explains to her that it’s BEAUTFUL WOMENS FAULT, and how they are everywhere, now he is explaining this to the main girl, while yet, including her in the herd of women in the world. He tries to justify the fact that beautiful women have weapons that get men caught up, and that’s where the infidelity comes in. They have their legs, eyes, lips, and hair and even there hearts that men just fall into. This song explains all the temptations of beautiful women. It’s a story, a funny story that I leave up to the audience to one determine if it’s in fact fiction or not. I also leave the song up to the audience to determine what really happens in the end. “They keep coming my way, they keep, keep, coming my way, beautiful women it’s your fault!”



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