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Strip Darling's Monsters

The lyrics to our song "Monsters" is about our obsession, or really any artist's obsession with creating music and trying to become successful in the music business.

How much we all give, how much we all compromise, how much effort we exude to progress even an inch. The tough road of progress can feel like a visitation from a "monster" in a nightmare and at other times feel like the most wonderful dream. The "monsters" are not only in our dreams, they also are our dreams.

The "monsters" also symbolize the music and songs we create. Making music is one of the most exhilarating and wonderful experiences in our lives, however, questions like "Will the song be liked?", "Will anyone identify with this?", or "What life will this song lead?" have a tendency to arise. The song is also about how these fears, imaginary though they may be, can paralyze if we're not careful.

This song has been, and continues to be therapeutic when we play it live. It helps us re-focus on the reasons we make music and helps us overcome our fears in what we create and how to move forward.

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