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Access Royale

Access Royale were headlining a festival in Warrenton, VA and the crew hadn't supplied a proper mat for the drums to stay in place. Mid way through a song, the bass drums started to slide away from Robzie (drummer). So the bass player thought to place his foot on one side of the drum head to prevent it from sliding any farther but it started to slide sideways instead. Robzie's foot was fully stretched at this point, still trying to maintain a bass drum rhythm.

Unknown to Vee  and Charles  (vocals), both the bass player and drummer had left the stage to try to remedy the situation. As Charles and Vee turn to que up for the next song, they noticed Robzie off stage speaking to the sound engineer and crew about her dilemma. Without breaking a stride, Vee and Charles decide to do a cover by Oasis called Wonderwall, which neither one had never played before. The crowd ended up loving it, and it gave the crew just enough time to remedy the drums situation so that the band could get back to the normal set. No one suspected a problem was occuring. In fact, the crowd thought it was all part of the show.  And now Wonderwall has become the only official cover for the band.  However, the band has yet to play the cover ever since.

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