Absence of Heros

The most amazing place I've ever been...... I'm from a small town, things are slow here and if you don't pay attention, this place will take time away from you. It's all so the same that weeks can go by without ever noticing it and no one really notices you, which I guess can be a good thing at times. All of these people who have accidentally acquired responsibilities and worries and addictions in the form of bills, kids, spouses (whether you like them or not), the bar, drugs, gossip etc. All of them with limited knowledge of the outside world and all so opinionated and uninterested in learning cause.......they all already know.

So for me it's become a bit of an addiction, the most amazing place. A place where every second is valued by everyone  there. Everyone in your presence, taking in the spectacle that is your art. It can be 5 seconds away but things are so different once you get there. It's your place.

Regardless of the people who have been there before and those who will come in the future. For now, it's yours. The best part is how scared all these people are of it. Doesn't matter if it's huge or a dinky little raised up area in the corner of a bar. You are immediately the minority in the place if your willing to get up and stare all these people back in the face. Full well knowing that you are now on display for anyone to criticize, laugh at, make fun of, compare themselves too and oh god what if something goes wrong? I could forget, trip, maybe they wont like it, maybe they don’t care.

I feel like the whole world is a small town sometimes. So many opinions and critics. Except when you're doing your art. No one there, in that moment, can criticize. for that time you're there it's yours so long as you embrace it. All the excuses and worries can't come with you. They have to be left at the door and they can only be picked up once you've come back from there.

On The Stage and in our art.........you can't touch me. The critics will come later, the people will have their opinions and maybe then it will sting a little. But, then I remind myself that it's the Art. No score, no ego, no comparisons should be made. Cause someone, somewhere will love it, No matter what the rest of them say.

In an Absence Of Heroes it's just us. Be part of The Difference, Arm Yourself.


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