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Down Home Band

"naw man, I'ma lay down I think."

I was deflated, but expectant of the reply.

"Dude, they say it's the end of the world soon"

Staring at the wall he answered,

"I'm not so sure that I mind"

That was it. That was the first line of the song we'd been trying to figure out for weeks. In the next ten minutes we wrote it down, worked out the harmonies and called the other members. Some fourteen hours later we were in the studio recording our first single, End Of The World. As it turned out, the Mayans were wrong and the world did not end. Life went on as it had before. We showed up to work on December 22nd in the same manner we had the past 120 days; slightly hungover, void of enthusiasm and drunk with daydreams of a life spent touring. But we had all changed. We realized that no matter how bad things can get, we still have our music- and that's why we're here. No financial burden will weigh us down, no depression can outlast the beauty of playing live, no apocalypse can stop us.

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