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The Ideas - Black Cocktail Dress

‘Black Cocktail Dress’ is a teaser track from The Ideas forthcoming debut album entitled ‘The Life and Death of Joan Waites’.

Each track of the album tells a small part of the story of this imaginary character, a young girl who is murdered. It’s intended (in a tongue-in-cheek way) to be a kind of rock and roll ‘who dunnit?’ 

‘Black Cocktail Dress’ is from the point of view of one of the suspects; as he laments at wanting the eventual victim – “oh how I long to be holding her hand”. 

This POV track tells the universal male-tale of obsession with the girl you can’t have… 

Recorded earlier this year by renowned indie rock producer George Shilling (Frank Turner, Stornoway, Teenage Fanclub etc) it’s purposely very Oxford in its sound; Folksy, shoegazing. 

It is a waltz – which played in the indie rock-style, sets the tone for the album, different, cinematic and layered.

A punch in the face and I’m tasting the blood
There’s sick in my mouth
Yeah I know this is love.
I’ve drunken too much and I cannot stand
Oh how I love when she’s holding my hand…

The gin on my breath is the taste of defeat
Her black cocktail dress man! She’s looking complete.
The snow falls around her, she’s looking quite grand!
And oh how I long to be holding her hand…

Oh god now what have you done
Fucked it all up and there’s nowhere to run
So drink up the beers boys, it’s too much to stand
Oh how I long to be holding her hand

Lyrics by Gary S Creigh © 2019 The Ideas.


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