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Disciple Brothers

Loves Coming is a song conceived in a bar in San Francisco on Christmas Eve 2010. After another dive bar performance, we all went to have drinks and celebrate the holiday, says Paul Ramos of Disciple Brothers.
The bartender there was named LOVE, though I am sure it was her stage name. We sat there and watched her spin and dodge all the customers that night. Everyone was in love with her that night, rightfully so she was a beautiful creature. Perfect in her element.
As she came then went on to the next lost soul, a lyric came to the table: Here she comes there she goes. Later in the studio, we changed it to "Here it Comes there it Goes" because she became our metaphor of LOVE and MUSIC. The song never got finished and our band broke up. 
Enter Chris Hodges, singer on the lead now, he heard the song and started wailing. That was it. We decided to finish the song and release. Who are we? Two of us started a Label in 2018 focused on finding incredible songs and producing them. 
The goal is simple; we love music and that's what we will do until we leave this place. Make independent music we love to come to life.

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