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My name is Stella, my music project is called Danube, that’s the name of a river in Bavaria, where I originally come from. Today I live in Berlin where I have recorded my debut album over the past few years. The first of more songs to come is Touch MahalIt’s an alternative pop song, inspired by a vacation in India. I was amazed by the Taj Mahal and its aura, its calmness, its purity.

Visiting India was inspiring and exhausting at the same time, it clearly opened my mind. Soon after my return to Germany, I had a melody in mind and the words came out naturally. Our tourist guide had recited a poem by Rabindranath Tagore who described "the Taj“ as "a teadrop on the cheek of time“, my lyrics were inspired by his beautiful words. 

Touch Mahal is a song about love, in a romantic way and also in a higher sense. It’s about opening your heart again and again, letting yourself be touched, softly, deeply, getting in contact and coming closer to real love. 

Touch Mahal / I’m a tear on the cheek of time / I'd make a good home / for a lifetime of ours / I bent and broke so many times / you know I'm standing still / and I won't be falling / if it ain't with you 

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