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Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz


Our latest single, ‘Matterbloomlight (Revisited)’ is the produced version of our fall 2018 single, ‘Matterbloomlight’. Our producer, Mike Butler, did the arrangement and played all of the instruments, so it is very much a "Butler Remix," which is what I wanted to add to the title to differentiate the 2020 single from the 2018 single. That was always intended to be a demo.

The vocals on the remix are the same as the demo. Everything else has changed. Heather Nation's backing vocals replaced my daughter's backing vocals on the demo. My daughters didn't mind because they like Heather's backing vocals as much as I do. They are amazing. So, the novel Lincoln in the Bardo inspired the lyrics and the music of the 2018 demo, which then gave us the confidence to let the novel inspire a whole concept album. American Bardo is set for release later this summer.


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